Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does This Work?

The User Interface is designed to be very straightforward.  

1) Set Up An Account

2) Verify Your Email

4) Upload a CSV File Containing Just Phone Numbers (Remember to Remove Hyphens, and Parenthesis

5) Pick a Pricing Plan that Suits the Records that need to be scrubbed.

6) DataValidators will handle the rest.  Upon completion, you will receive an email with the results.  Remember to copy and paste the entire results file and ‘Marry It’ / Merge it Back into the original File.

7) Sort from A-Z to Filter the Results


How Much Does This Cost?

Pricing is from .039 Per Record to .02 Per Record Depending Upon the amount of Records.  The More Records, the More You Save!

How Reliable are the Results?

The results of the scan are extremely reliable.  All Files are ran in real-time against the National Do Not Call Registry’s and State Do Not Call Registry’s.  Also, Known TCPA Litigators are updated nearly daily.  Our systems scan a variety of sources to give you the most accurate results as of the time you are scrubbing your data.

How Long Does Scrubbing Take?

Depending Upon File Size, you should receive an email with your results within 5 Mins for Files of (Less Than 1000 Records) and within 30 Minutes for Larger Files.  If you have not received your results file within 2 Hours of Submitting, please open a support ticket in the portal so we can check on the status.  

Will This Improve My Contact Rate?

Yes!  When you no longer spend time and resources on contacting disconnected numbers, this will certainly increase your contact rate.  In addition to giving you an option to only work with the Mobile Phone Numbers on your File (You’ll see this in your scrubbed file).  Please keep in mind your phone system and the phone number(s) of which you are calling from need to be monitored for ‘Spam Activity.”

What Does "Y" and "N" Mean on My Reports?

Status:  Connected/Disconnected

IsCell:  Y = Yes it is a Cell Phone Number Reported

             N = Landline Number Reported

             V = VOIP Number Reported 


NationalDNC:   Y = Yes, Number is on the National Do-Not-Call Registry

                             N = No, Number is NOT on the National Do-Not-Call Registry


State DNC:        Y = Yes, Number is on the States Do-Not-Call Registry

                             N = No, Number is NOT on the States Do-Not-Call Registry


DMA (Direct Marketing Association):

                           Y = Yes, Number is on the DMA Non-Solicitation List

                           N = No, Number is NOT on the DMA Non-Solicitation List

Litigator:         Y = Yes, Number is associated with a Known TCPA Litigator.  Do Not Call Any Number that results in ‘Y’ on this.  Very Important!  


                          N = Not a Known TCPA Litigator