Here Are Our Features!

Email List Cleaning is an email list cleaning service that scans and analyzes your uploaded email lists to identify and remove “bad” email addresses. Maintaining good email list hygiene with email list cleaning and data validation benefits your email campaigns and business by improving your sender reputation with email service providers (ESPs) and therefore internet service providers (ISPs). Keeping clean email lists increases deliverability, reduces hard bounces, and helps you avoid being labeled a “spammer”!

Email Verification Service uses up-to-date email verification software to identify and remove duplicate, fake, and improperly formatted emails. Removing these otherwise harmful addresses increases deliverability, ensuring sure your email campaigns reach your intended recipients.  Sending only to verified emails will make your email campaigns more successful!

Email Validation Service

When scanning and analyzing your lists,’s software looks for harmful items like spam seed, BOT, honeypots, and bogus or black-listed emails. Removing these harmful items ensures data validity. Data validation is important to sender reputation and your email marketing success!

Downloadable Cleaned Email Lists

Once is done scrubbing the harmful and invalid emails from your list, your cleansed lists will be available to download. Our email list cleaning service includes three download options. You can get a list with all emails and results, a list of only clean emails, or a list of only the bad emails.